Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Solitary Confinement Worsens Psychiatric Symptoms and Causes Extreme Suffering. The damaging effects of solitary confinement on juveniles whose brains are still developing can be  permanent.

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Locked Away: Students Say Seclusion Doesn’t Help
08/06/2012 By Ida Lieszkovszky
Ohio students are regularly taken out of class and put into separate rooms, known as seclusion rooms.  Educators and special needs advocates alike agree that these rooms should only be used when a child is in danger of hurting themselves or others around them, but an investigation by StateImpact Ohio and The Columbus Dispatch found that schools often use these rooms as a form of discipline.
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Locked Away: How to Find Out if Your School Has Seclusion Rooms
August 5, 2012 By Molly Bloom

Locked Away: How Ohio Schools Misuse Seclusion Rooms
August 5, 2012 By Molly Bloom and Jennifer Smith Richards

Report: seclusion misused for Ohio disabled kids