Friday, January 14, 2011

To the President of Towson University,

I can't begin to describe to you the outrage I felt about your University when I heard about the way you have treated one of your students, Melissa Mooney. Melissa has done nothing wrong. To the contrary, she is a hero, with the courage to do the right thing. She deserves commendation from your office, and a special effort made by you to make things right.

Melissa did nothing more than report child abuse in a special needs classroom. Instead of being lauded as a hero, she lost her internship, lost a year out of her career, and is in fear that she will not be able to pursue her passion of teaching special students. Any reasonable person would instantly recognize how wrong that is. What is taking Towson University so long to figure it out, and do the right thing?

Melissa has been vilified, and very effort has been made to discredit her. Have we lost our minds? She made a good faith effort to report abuse, and she is treated like a pariah? What message does that send to the rest of your student body, and to our society as a whole?

Towson's role in the affair is shameful. It is time for you to take charge here, and do the right thing. Melissa deserves better. And so does every one of the students she was trying to protect.



Please watch video below.